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Kutaisi Airport (Georgia) to have new regular flights in May

In May, direct regular flights to nine destinations in five countries in Europe and Central Asia will be operated from the airport to Kutaisi. This is reported by the Association of Airports of Georgia.

In May, the low-cost airline Wizz Air resumes direct regular flights from Kutaisi Airport in the direction of Riga, Dortmund, Katowice and Gdansk.

The Association of Georgian Airports is negotiating with the airline to resume the routes existing before the pandemic and flights will be gradually restored.

On April 18, Wizz Air resumed regular flights from Kutaisi Airport in the direction of Warsaw and Vilnius. At first, the flights were operated once a week, but from May 13, it will be possible to get to Warsaw twice a week.

From May 14, Wizz Air will resume regular flights from Kutaisi airport in the direction of Riga, and from May 21 in the direction of Dortmund. By the end of the month, from the Kutaisi airport – will be possible to get a direct flight to two more cities in Poland: from May, 29 – to Katowice, and from May, 30 – to Gdansk.

Kazakh low-cost airline company FlyArystan has also started regular flights from Kutaisi to three destinations: Atyrau, Aktau and Nur-Sultan.

“At this stage, in May, from Kutaisi International Airport with the help of direct regular flights, you can get to nine directions of five countries. We are constantly working with airlines so that, in parallel with the improvement of the epidemiological situation, they fly more often and add new directions”, -reported the representative of the United Association of Georgian Airports.

The United Association of Georgian Airports reminds that foreigners can cross the Georgian air border with a negative PCR test result (A polymerase chain reaction) or must submit a document confirming that they have completed the full course of vaccination.