Treasures of Georgia

Los Angeles Photo and Art Exhibition - TREASURES of GEORGIA Sep 9th 2010 4pm-11pm

Foundation Georgia marked milestones with our Treasure of Georgia Annual Exhibition at LA Reflection Center. Our Exhibition brought a response from California to New York, and added a new link to the Georgian Artists of America.

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SOS Georgia

Abkhazia Should be Independent

The statement in the title may surprise many visitors to SOS Georgia. Surely an article on a website created to protest the illegal invasion and annexation of Georgian territory cannot be advocating Abkhaz independence? However, here I indeed intend to argue that for Georgia, the more autonomy the Abkhazians manage to win for themselves from Russia, the better.

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emergency summit

Der Spiegel

Many apologies for the pun-heavy yellow press headline, but what other choice did we have?Germany’s weekly news magazine Der Spiegel bills itself as a sort of German version of celebrated British newspaper The Economist. Its actions over the past few days however, have shown that bears a closer relation to its English namesake, tabloid The Mirror.

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Kremlin Anaconda

Kremlin Anaconda

The Kremlin has, in a just few closely connected political and military moves, suddenly changed the diplomatic and security landscape of the world.  In one fell swoop we have gone, arguably, from the post cold war world to the second cold war.  

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Good and Grim

Predictions: Both Good and Grim

When you are in such close contact with a international crisis of this scale after a while you start trying to make sense of it.   In a way that is exactly what this website is about, making sense of a very complicated, fluid and chaotic situation.   Once you have the situation at hand in perspective then it becomes time to figure out what is going to happen next.

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Today Russia recognised the independence of the Georgian regions of South Ossetia and Abkhazia. To many in the West, this may look like fair play. After all Kosovo was recognised by most of Europe and the USA against the wishes of the Russians. If we can grant independence to Kosovo and ignore Serbia’s territorial integrity why can’t we do the same for these regions?

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