About Us

Whether you read it forward or backwards the message remains the same: Foundation Georgia ! 

Foundation Georgia! is an International organization, founded on the April 24-Th 2012 by a small group of young and noble scholars and professionals of different racial, ethnic and religious backgrounds.  Each day we celebrate our differences,because only by being different we truly are able to contribute at all levels ! Imagine if all people were the same? How would we even learn from one another? How monotonous and uninteresting the life would have been!  It is our differences, that make us stronger, wiser, more patient, more loving and compassionate. We might be different in many aspects, but we all  share the same common dream and that is the World Without Aggression!

Our members are coming from different parts of the world: Germany, Italy, Australia, Canada, Iran, Poland, Korea, Syria, Azerbaijan, Russia, USA, Georgia, Africa, France, Armenia, Iraq, Kurdistan, Israel, Turkey,Palestine, Syria, Lebanon,Greece, and the list is still expanding each day. The main purpose of this organization is to connect, understand, and to create a dialogue without aggression and to heal ourselves from all the damage a human hatred has dared to produce.

We are offering a variety of opportunities for people to receive  healing through our organization, from someone who has a knowledge and  is skilled  as a professional therapist in the field of aggression. We have mediators, psychologists, family therapists,graduate students, and even spiritual counselors who are on the volunteer bases came forward and offered their help, just to make the world a better place for You! Why ? Because they Love and Care, and fully  understand both: beauty and  responsibility behind these words. If you want to change the world, you must start from your self. You are the first change, the rest will follow.  So, now if you are exhausted from the hatred and aggression within You, or towards You,  press the button on our website saying:


With this logical oath you would enter our family where each member is loved, respected, appreciated and cherished. We know you have your own pain and wounds to heal. We are here to find out what is going on in your part of the world? In your heart? In your soul?  There has been a high demand for such a massive healing, lately. That is why this website and the entire organization Foundation Georgia (We-Are Against Aggressive World) was created. Who knows, maybe you would even heal someone else in here, someone, you thought, perhaps, was your enemy? : ))  Check out our testimonials. You'll be surprised!

You probably have heard the statement that Aggression contributes to a human survival? They forgot to mention a minor detail : It is only true if you are comparing yourself to an animal, and have no intentions of functioning as human !

We-Are Against Aggressive World  Foundation Georgia! are convinced that: Aggression contributes more to our degradation, rather than survival.  What contributes to our survival is Common Sense and the emotions which are making sense, such as Love, for instance. Love makes a lot of sense that is exactly why we love, and that is the only way we can actually survive!